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New Teeth

by High Dive

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i've found the best words to say are the ones where you don't say anything / and i've found the best part to play is the one with the straight face / and i can be so casual when i lie / pointless, worthless / the way i wish i felt not just part of the time / slurring spiteful and partly true rhymes / when i was young i thought i would become someone / a little bit older, those i idolized let me fall / so far, so lonely and listless / that i learned on my own how to lie / to get what i wanted / when those all around me played apathetic / or just plain pathetic / i'm not even sure that they tried to be anything to anyone / i've found the best words to say are the ones where you don't say anything / i've found the best way to fight the emptiness is to pretend you don't think about it every day
we went out on the bridge that summer / by the sunlit waters i emptied out my glass / then threw away 2 years thinking of each other / took the airplane home / then when i woke up there was coffee and ice water / it's as good a start as any / after you go to bed i stay up / clean the house / touch the corners that we never use / what's the point in arguing? / i'm a lion, you're a tiger / nothing feels as clear as coffee and ice water / you do it, you do it, you do it, you do it, you do it, then you do it again / then one day you find out you don't have to pretend anymore / we went out on the bridge that autumn / water green and tumbling beneath the parliament / i thought, "i could just stay here. i could run away here. i could just stay here."
well you told me you were thinking of leaving / i said, "i know why you feel that way / sometimes i feel that way too" / then you told me you were leaving / i said "there is nothing left here for me anymore / but i'll put my head down, i will get to work" / well you told me, "you just sit there like a waste of space / yeah, you never say anything" / so i decided not to say anything / then you told me, "everyone you know, they hate you" / and i didn't say anything / oh, i never say anything / and on days when i forget i'm lucky / and i can find ten thousand reasons to stay in bed / i try to make the best of this mess i've been given / i will not waste it / well you told me that you were so happy to know me / i sat like a deer in headlights / too scared to move, too afraid to run away / and what could i do anyway? / yeah, i have always been this way / oh, how could i say anything? / i'll find the right words to say someday
i let myself get caught up in all the lies you told to me / i let myself get dragged down by all the things you tried to make me believe / and through all of it / i never thought that / i could be anything other than wrong / and through all of it / i must have forgotten the thing / i've been trying to say all along / that we all lose sight of ourselves / we all get so down sometimes / we tell lies and we start fights / we get lonely / we were raised to be so solitary / we forget that we can't make it on our own / i will give you the benefit of the doubt this time / but i won't let you make me feel like i'm worthless / when i know that i'm trying / i won't let myself believe / that i could be anything less than the good i know i can be
you said, "hop the fence / oh, there will be no consequences / every dollar is money spent / and money spent's no good” / i said, "nice to meet you / but i don't think i need to know your name / i think i'll just stand in line and pay" / we drove through the night / it was so good to see you when we arrived / you seemed so glad to see me too / you said you feel the sadness with all of you / it makes you feel alive / i told you that i just want to die / but hold on is all we can do / and hope we don't run out of time to save the things we need to / and try to build a world that works a little bit better than it used to / you said, "hop the fence / oh, there will be no consequences” / but the insurance paid for the bricks through the windows / the ceo's pockets are still lined with gold / so if you want to let them win / keep talking shit on the internet / so when we fall, divided / it will be our own damn fault again / for every action an equal and opposite / for every action consider the consequence
i heard you say a lot of people tend to let you down / i thought what a shame you haven't learned by now / that ice takes so long to form and only seconds to break / even under careful steps and cautious, well-intentioned weight / in the car back to chicago, i wanted to know you / you wanted to know me closer than i knew / when i slept beside you, i turned my face away / we both knew it felt wrong, we did it anyway / i don't know if i know what it means to love someone so much that you'd do anything / not just to keep them from leaving, but just to make them happy with nothing in return / yeah, i am just too selfish for this selfless kind of work / and when i heard you say a lot of people let you down / well i thought i feel the same way / but i am wondering now if that's just a reflection of the letting down i've done / and with steps i thought were cautious, i broke through the ice, i've sunk / in the car back to chicago i wanted to know you / more than anything i wanted you to know me / and we both wound up broken as typically we do / and i'm sorry if you loved me and i never loved you
Sirens 03:20
you drove all night back to his apartment / and he slept with his arms around you / you lay awake, too nervous to move / you drove back home with your head spinning / you made it halfway across the pennsylvania turnpike on a tank of gas / you checked your messages, hoping he would call and ask you to turn back / but all you hear are sirens / all you see is dark when you close your eyes / every wound reopened leaves another scar glistening in the light / i wish i would call you just to make sure you're all right / instead i stayed up all night dreaming of a new life / but june came and august went / then fall turned to winter / you told yourself maybe in the spring / he told you don't take it personally / i stayed up all night / you never thought twice about me i know / we could've been so happy / (you barely knew me) / i knew i didn't want to be alone / i stayed up all night telling myself lies
Psalm 02:33
footprints in wet snow remind of something already gone / let it go / let it be gone / things you can't measure obscured by attempts at measuring / a compass and a ruler held to hearts and relating / both harrowed and harrowing / both master and slave / make me a psalm, sung out of tune on a sunday / unsure, place me in parentheses / tell me i'm talking too much / i'll keep my mouth shut for days, for weeks / we're not saying anything anyway / pretend regrets are malleable, that decision can be rearranged / call me up, don't say a word / just listen to ourselves breathing / above existing / estranged by memory / tossed in the corner / obsolete
Untouched 02:41
while i pretend asleep in the car, in the back seat / hear your voice so high and clear / it's a song i've never heard / what parts do you keep in your big desk, folded / that i'll never see? / mystery. "oh, my needs are quiet," you say / you look so untouched now / i built suits of armor for the things that burn us / but yours sat empty / you never needed it anyway / why did i bring you water for the thirst that was my own? / it's still relentless / now our mutual friends say i'll see you tonight / across that burning bridge / we'll exchange pleasantries / there are things you've put away in your big desk, folded / that i'll never see / what have you put away?
one hundred years from now, what will be left of the homes we grew up in? / just foundations crumbling and walls falling to the ground / but our legs, our knees, and our feet are stronger than concrete / stronger than anything that shakes the ground beneath them / you came to town / you were singing about making a family wherever you can find one / and i felt so strongly that i wanted to be your family / well i hope we can be one / growing up could be so lonely / we still had to do so much growing / we lost a friend / it makes me happy to know that his family stretched across forty-eight states / and we will not forget him / 'cause our legs and our knees / our feet and our heartbeats are stronger than concrete / stronger than anything that shakes them / growing up could be so painful / for you my friend, i am so grateful / you taught me to live free from fear / and that i've got good family here / and that when i am old and i'm ready to go / my house will fall down but my feet will stay planted firmly on the ground
How to Grow 02:20
i saw you reveling in death / instead of working towards a world we can live in without living in fear / and i saw you searching for a reason / to hate the things we built / the reasons why we live here / and i know sometimes it's easier to be unhappy / than admit that you could change your mind / and i know sometimes it's easier to side with the struggle / than admit some compromise / but we are learning how to grow / and how to ask for what we need when we feel / underwhelmed and overworked / we can't do it alone / and i try to remind myself that i am greater as a part than as a sum of one / and i try to remember a bridge is made up of ten thousand pieces held strong / and a community takes cooperation
i remember the day i first met you / we couldn't fall asleep / we lay awake 'til the sun came into your bedroom / we were so young, and we were so fearless / not afraid to fall in love / not afraid to let our whole hearts get crushed / i remember when i first moved to this town / we stayed out every night / not afraid of the early summer morning's harsh light / but i grew tired and i grew restless / i guess what else can you do / when you live in a town with all of your best friends / but these are days / and i wouldn't trade my life for any other / and i am thankful for the times we spent breaking ourselves of our bad habits / we gained new ones and i'm sure that in six months or six years we will look back and say / we were so young and so reckless but we are thankful for how we have changed / so i'll try to make every day a little better than yesterday


This is our second full-length record. Physical copies are coming soon on Analog for Dogs (US), Salinas Records (US), and YoYo Records (DE). Also please consider checking out Quote Unquote Records, an online, donation-based record label where you can also find this album and albums by other cool bands!


released July 21, 2015

New Teeth was recorded in March and April of 2015 by Kyle Houpt at Russian Recording in Bloomington, Indiana. It was mixed and mastered by Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording the following month. Cover artwork was made by Ryan Woods.




High Dive Bloomington, Indiana

High Dive is a queer-positive pop-punk band from Bloomington, Indiana. We are Toby Foster, Nick Romy, Ryan Woods, Richard Wehrenberg Jr., and Ginger Alford.

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