These Are Days EP

by High Dive

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hese are days: i remember the day i first met you / we couldn't fall asleep / we lay awake 'til the sun came into your bedroom / we were so young, and we were so fearless / not afraid to fall in love / not afraid to let our whole hearts get crushed / i remember when i first moved to this town / we stayed out every night / not afraid of the early summer morning's harsh light / but i grew tired and i grew restless / i guess what else can you do / when you live in a town with all of your best friends / but these are days / and i wouldn't trade my life for any other / and i am thankful for the times we spent breaking ourselves of our bad habits / we gained new ones and i'm sure that in six months or six years we will look back and say / we were so young and so reckless but we are thankful for how we have changed / so i'll try to make every day a little better than yesterday
through all of it: i let myself / get caught up in / all the lies you told to me / i let myself / get dragged down by / all the things you tried to make me believe / and through all of it / i never thought that / i could be anything other than wrong / i must have forgotten the thing / i've been trying to say all along / that we all lose sight of ourselves / we all get so down sometimes / we tell lies and we start fights / we get lonely / we were raised to be so solitary / we forget that we can't make it on our own / i will give you the benefit of the doubt this time / but i won't let you make me feel like i'm worthless / when i know that i'm trying / i won't let myself believe / that i could be anything less than the good i know i can be
How to Grow 02:28
how to grow: i saw you reveling in death / instead of working towards a world we can live in without living in fear / and i saw you searching for a reason / to hate the things we built / the reasons why we live here / and i know sometimes it's easier to be unhappy / than admit that you could change your mind / and i know sometimes it's easier to side with the struggle / than admit some compromise / but we are learning / how to grow and how to ask for what we need when we feel / underwhelmed and overworked / we can't do it alone / and i try to remind myself that i am greater as a part than as a sum of one / and i try to remember a bring is made up of ten thousand pieces held strong / and a community takes cooperation
Act Out 02:53
act out: you were someone who i thought would take me away from this place / you were someone who i thought that i could believe in / but i can't believe in the way you act out / the way you act like it's everyone else / the way you tell me, oh, we are still friends / then you turn around and you only think of yourself / and i'm not trying to say that you did anything wrong / and i'm not trying to say i'll really even miss you / but it's a shame i have to say / i never even really knew you at all / here comes the bridge it was me all along / i'm a bad person it was all my fault / i was the one who did everything wrong / but i've been pushed over one too many times / i've learned enough now to see through those lies / i never meant to hurt anyone / you can't believe in yourself
Rhetoric 01:59
rhetoric: we've been flexing rhetoric for so long we've lost sight of what it was we set our sights on / and i just want to live free from fear and with a purpose / yeah i thought we made some progress / 'til our multifaceted, flexed rhetoric became so fractured / where i thought i had community in kind i guess i had a lack for what it means to make a better place / we've been fighting back for so long we lost sight of what it means to hold our ground strong / and i just want to do my best to support you / yeah, but sometimes i get confused / and when you look at me i hope you can see the person i want to be / a crutch to lean on when you need to / and doing what i can to make a better place / and i will do my best to stand up for what i can stand up for / if my knees tremble i hope you pick me up / instead of swiping my legs out from under me / you and i, we're on the same side
Square One 03:29
square one: the first time you went away / the way you cut your hair / ended up in your old room / the one that you grew up in / the second time you went away / said, "this time things are gonna change / and i don't wanna go back / back to square one" / sometimes i think about my life lately / and i get so scared / 'cause i've been building bridges out of straw / and moving without moving on / and i don't want to end up / back to square one / and i long for some way to measure the distance i've come / and i long to look back and see a length longer than i can outrun / you said maybe there's a part of me that wants to do / well, i don't know if i would completely disagree / but i know there's a bigger part of me / that doesn't want to end up / back to square one / wants to keep on looking like i'm eighteen when i'm twenty-three / wants to keep on seeing things as if for the first time / like the way you looked at me when we first met / and i don't want to give up yet / 'cause i've been here before / and i came out bruised, but breathing, with all of my limbs attached / well, you sent me a letter / said, "keep moving forward" / and i've tried too hard now to start looking back / the first time you went away seems like so long ago / and this, too, will pass / 'cause we all have demons to shake / and i know you are too brave to end up / back to square one


recorded in Bloomington, IN in May and June of 2013

Toby Foster - Vocals, Guitar, Euphonium
Nick Romy - Drums, Vocals
Ryan Woods - Bass, Vocals
Richard Wehrenberg Jr. - Piano, Fender Rhodes, Sax, Vocals

Gary Whelpdale played trumpet on this recording.


released June 7, 2013

Recorded and Mixed by Patrick Jennings.
Mastered by Mike Bridavsky.




High Dive Bloomington, Indiana

High Dive is a queer-positive pop-punk band from Bloomington, Indiana. We are Toby Foster, Nick Romy, Ryan Woods, Richard Wehrenberg Jr., and Ginger Alford.

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