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you drove all night back to his apartment / and he slept with his arms around you / you lay awake, too nervous to move / you drove back home with your head spinning / you made if halfway across the pennsylvania turnpike on a tank of gas / you checked your messages, hoping he would call and ask you to turn back / but all you hear are sirens / all you see is dark when you close your eyes / every wound reopened leaves another scar glistening in the light / i wish i would call you just to make sure you're all right / instead i stayed up all night dreaming of a new life / but june came and august went / then fall turned to winter / you told yourself maybe in the spring / he told you don't take it personally / i stayed up all night / you never thought twice about me i know / we could've been so happy / (you barely knew me) / i knew i didn't want to be alone / i stayed up all night telling myself lies


from EP, released September 5, 2014
high dive
ginger alford
toby foster
nick romy
richard wehrenberg jr.
ryan woods

by ryan woods

by patrick jennings at unseasonable sound in bloomington, in, usa, june/july 2014

by mike bridavsky at russian recording in bloomington, in, usa, july 2014

by yo-yo records, berlin, de, september 2014, catalog no. yoyo 077




High Dive Bloomington, Indiana

High Dive is a queer-positive pop-punk band from Bloomington, Indiana. We are Toby Foster, Nick Romy, Ryan Woods, Richard Wehrenberg Jr., and Ginger Alford.

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