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we sorted out the silverware / we threw away the things we don't need / we organized the records that we never listen to / we changed the sheets / and i am getting used to growing up / but i still believe in the same things that i did when i was seventeen / we are all inclined to feel left out / and on the edge of giving up / sometimes all we can do is whatever we need to / well, i swear we are as free and beautiful as we were when we were seventeen / so wild-eyed and free / so raise another glass with me / and at least for tonight let's live like we're seventeen / most nights these days i just stay at home / i just want to be alone / because we're building a home now / not just a place that we leave when we're sick of trying / these fights are fleeting / we won't always be twenty-three / let's live for right here and right now / we gathered up the beer cans / and we took out the recycling / but i saw you at the show last night / that same spark in your eyes / that i'm still so in love with, now more than ever / even at thirty-three


from EP, released September 5, 2014
high dive
ginger alford
toby foster
nick romy
richard wehrenberg jr.
ryan woods

by ryan woods

by patrick jennings at unseasonable sound in bloomington, in, usa, june/july 2014

by mike bridavsky at russian recording in bloomington, in, usa, july 2014

by yo-yo records, berlin, de, september 2014, catalog no. yoyo 077




High Dive Bloomington, Indiana

High Dive is a queer-positive pop-punk band from Bloomington, Indiana. We are Toby Foster, Nick Romy, Ryan Woods, Richard Wehrenberg Jr., and Ginger Alford.

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