by High Dive

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This record was recorded in July of 2014 in Bloomington, Indiana at Unseasonable Sound Studio.

Ginger Alford - Guitar, Vocals
Toby Foster - Vocals, Guitar
Nick Romy - Drums, Vocals
Richard Wehrenberg Jr. - Rhodes Piano, Vocals
Ryan Woods - Bass

Released September 5th, 2014.
Vinyl LP available from Yo-Yo Records in Berlin, Germany. www.yoyorecords.de

Recorded and Mixed by Patrick Jennings.
Mastered by Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording.


released 05 September 2014




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Track Name: Equal and Opposite
equal and opposite
you said, "hop the fence" / oh, there will be no consequences / every dollar is money spent / and money spent's no good / i said, "nice to meet you / but i don't think i need to know your name / i think i'll just stand in line and pay" / we drove through the night / it was so good to see you when we arrived / you seemed so glad to see me too / you said you feel the sadness with all of you / it makes you feel alive / i told you that i just want to die / but hold on is all we can do / and hope we don't run out of time to save the things we need to / and try to build a world that works a little bit better than it used to / but the insurance paid for the bricks through the windows / the ceo's pockets are still lined with gold / so if you want to let them win / keep talking shit on the internet / so when we fall, divided / it will be our own damn fault again / for every action an equal and opposite / for every action consider the consequence
Track Name: Untouched
while i pretend asleep in the car, in the back seat / hear your voice so high and clear / it's a song i've never heard / what parts do you keep in your big desk, folded / that i'll never see? / mystery. "oh, my needs are quiet," you say / you look so untouched now / i built suits of armor for the things that burn us / but yours sat empty / you never needed it anyway / why did i bring you water for the thirst that was my own? / it's still relentless / now our mutual friends say i'll see you tonight / across that burning bridge / we'll exchange pleasantries / there are things you've put away in your big desk, folded / that i'll never see / what have you put away?
Track Name: Seventeen
we sorted out the silverware / we threw away the things we don't need / we organized the records that we never listen to / we changed the sheets / and i am getting used to growing up / but i still believe in the same things that i did when i was seventeen / we are all inclined to feel left out / and on the edge of giving up / sometimes all we can do is whatever we need to / well, i swear we are as free and beautiful as we were when we were seventeen / so wild-eyed and free / so raise another glass with me / and at least for tonight let's live like we're seventeen / most nights these days i just stay at home / i just want to be alone / because we're building a home now / not just a place that we leave when we're sick of trying / these fights are fleeting / we won't always be twenty-three / let's live for right here and right now / we gathered up the beer cans / and we took out the recycling / but i saw you at the show last night / that same spark in your eyes / that i'm still so in love with, now more than ever / even at thirty-three
Track Name: Psalm
footprints in wet snow remind of something already gone / let it go / let it be gone / things you can't measure obscured by attempts at measuring / a compass and a ruler held to hearts and relating / both harrowed and harrowing / both master and slave / make me a psalm, sung out of tune on a sunday / unsure, place me in parentheses / tell me i'm talking too much / i'll keep my mouth shut for days, for weeks / we're not saying anything anyway / pretend regrets are malleable, that decision can be rearranged / call me up, don't say a word / just listen to our selves breathing / above existing / estranged by memory / tossed in the corner / obsolete
Track Name: Sirens
you drove all night back to his apartment / and he slept with his arms around you / you lay awake, too nervous to move / you drove back home with your head spinning / you made if halfway across the pennsylvania turnpike on a tank of gas / you checked your messages, hoping he would call and ask you to turn back / but all you hear are sirens / all you see is dark when you close your eyes / every wound reopened leaves another scar glistening in the light / i wish i would call you just to make sure you're all right / instead i stayed up all night dreaming of a new life / but june came and august went / then fall turned to winter / you told yourself maybe in the spring / he told you don't take it personally / i stayed up all night / you never thought twice about me i know / we could've been so happy / (you barely knew me) / i knew i didn't want to be alone / i stayed up all night telling myself lies